The sun is peaking through the clouds and the flowers are in bloom, so you know that summer is right around the corner! Whether you’re spending summer 2018 watching baseball, visiting the beach, camping, hiking, or outside running the BBQ, you’re in for the best summer if you take CBD along with you. Here are 3 reasons CBD is your best friend this summer.

1.) CBD Heals & Protects Your Skin

Summer is notoriously an outdoor season. Due to the sun’s rotational path around the earth, the sun’s UV rays are extra strong during the summer months. Even if you are diligent about wearing sunscreen, your skin is working overtime to protect you. This summer, CBD can help to heal and protect your skin.

If you suffer from a skin condition that flares up during the summer, such as eczema or severely dry skin, Afterglow can help you reduce inflammation and moisturize the skin. If you participate in fun summer activities that sometimes result in a scrape, or badge of honor, Afterglow can also help to facilitate the healing process.

Freezing Point is also your best friend this summer! This CBD product moisturizes the skin with coconut oil while also calming any inflammation you may experience in your joints from all of the summer fun!

2.) CBD Is A Natural Immune Boost

You can’t let germs ruin your summer fun. If your travelling, out with new friends, or around kids this summer, your immune system will be put to the test.

When taken daily, CBD provides a natural boost to the immune system, protecting you from summer-ruining germs. As a patented antioxidant, CBD should be one of your best friends this summer! Implement CBD Isolate Capsules into your morning routine for a consistent and powerful immune boost every day.

In addition, inflammation from a medical condition or your strenuous summer activities is dictated by the immune system’s response. CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory, meaning that it can keep you out and about by providing some much-needed pain-relief. For on-demand relief for inflammation, use Infinite CBD’s Vape Juice.

3.) CBD Will Put You In The Summer Mood

It can be hard to adjust to summer. The pace is slower. Socializing is required. You’re travelling and exploring. As fun as summer can be, it can also sometimes feel incredcibly overwhelming. Oftentimes, the change of pace and routine that summer brings can be a bit anxiety-inducing.

Studies have found that CBD has mood-boosting and anxiety-reducing properties. With CBD, all of the socializing, travelling, and quality time with kids can actually be a relaxing experience. If you want to have a little extra fun getting into the happy summer mood, try Asteroid Gummies – they’re delicious and summery!

CBD Is Your Best Friend This Summer

Who knew that this summer could get any better? CBD is your best friend this summer. Due to CBD’s skin healing properties, it’s ability to naturally boost the immune system, and it’s ability to put you in the fun summer mood, CBD will make summer 2018 the best one yet!