For the last three weeks, I’ve been giving my puppy Infinite CBD’s new CBD Pet Dropper. I’ve noticed a few positive changes in her mood and activity level since starting a daily CBD routine.

The Puppy (Tea)

She is lab/hound mix. She is about 10-months old and weighs approximately 33 pounds.

Prior to taking CBD, Tea was incredibly active, but at odd times throughout the day. She is very playful with other dogs, often playing at the park and immediately coming home to sleep for over an hour. While her bursts of energy are understandable and endearing, it’s not so cute when they happen at 3 am.

Prior to taking CBD, and for about the last 2 months, Tea’s eating habits have changed. While this can be attributed to her newfound maturity and peak in growth, I was worried about her skimpy appetite (especially due to her crazy levels of activity).

As the weather has changed, I have discovered that Tea has allergies. Her symptoms include itchy paws and build-up in her ears. Her allergies have worried me because they require extreme diligence – I don’t want to give her medication that might make her tired.

Primarily, I was interested in how CBD Pet Dropper would affect these things, being Tea’s energy levels, appetite, and allergies.

The Delivery Method

I used the medium CBD Pet Dropper (with 5 mg per drop), twice a day. For consistency, I gave it to Tea once in the morning and once at night. To administer, I put it on top of one of her favorite treats.

The Results (After 3 Weeks)

After 3 weeks of taking CBD twice per day, I noticed differences in my dog’s energy level, inconsistent appetite, and allergies.


After about a week of taking CBD Pet Dropper, I noticed that Tea’s bursts of energy where more consistent. She was able to play at her normal levels but required less rest. This was nice because I was able to better predict how much activity she really needed to sleep through the night. Pet Dropper took the guess-work out of her energy levels and its effect on her sleep.


CBD has been known to stabilize appetite in both humans and animals. Rather than eating spontaneously, Tea started eating her full meals within 30 minutes of getting them. This was a wonderful improvement since I knew she would be satisfied (especially on days when she goes on hikes or to play at the dog park).


After 3 weeks, Tea’s allergies improved significantly. After week 1, I didn’t see her bitting her paws anymore. At week 3, her ears started clearing up as well. It made me so happy to see her more comfortable without having to give her medication that might have dilapidating side effects.

Thumbs Up for a CBD Pet Dropper

Our pets are an extension of our family – we want them to feel good, be well-cared for, and feel loved. After seeing how Tea’s energy, appetite, and allergies improved after just 3 weeks, I wouldn’t trust anything else with my puppy. I give a huge thumbs up to Infinite CBD Pet Droppers!

Pet your pet’s health and happiness first, with Infinite CBD’s Pet Droppers.