Every Memorial Day, we celebrate those who have lost their lives in the armed forces. This holiday weekend often includes a parade, fun outdoor family gatherings, and perhaps even fireworks. This year, as you prepare for your Memorial Day celebrations, we think you should add something new to your holiday weekend – CBD. This Memorial Day, talk about and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Why Talk CBD on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we celebrate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. While we get to celebrate their accomplishments and feats, there are many veterans who continue to face uphill battles long after they return home.

As of 2014, there were 21.8 million veterans living in the United States. For some perspective, that’s a little over 7% of the population. Many veterans return home and face new kinds of battle zones. From the workplace to assimilation, to PSTD and disabilities, veterans are often forgotten.

Everyone should talk about CBD on Memorial Day, because it can help to alleviate some of the conditions that many veterans grapple with on a daily basis.

How Can CBD Help?

CBD has been proven to help many veterans who experience a variety of conditions after their service.

Many veterans who suffer from PTSD have trouble being in large crowds. Studies have shown that CBD can help to alleviate social-anxiety for those in stimulating environments. Research also shows that CBD has anti-depressant like effects, enabling veterans to continue enjoying various aspects of life that may otherwise be impeded.

Far too many veterans deal with pain, either from an injury during their service or from general wear-and-tear. CBD can help to alleviate some of this pain, making a veteran’s quality of life better. Research demonstrates CBD’s ability to relieve inflammation, going as far as to say it’s “as novel as anti-inflammatory drugs.” Studies have also discussed CBD’s impact on arthritic inflammation, oxidative stress, and even in the proliferation of cells.

Enjoy CBD on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, you can also integrate and enjoy CBD during your celebrations. CBD’s versatility makes it the perfect additional ingredient to a few of your favorite recipes. Enjoy the benefits of CBD with these easy and delicious recipes:

CBD Fruit Salad Recipe

Combine watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, and blueberries into a large bowl. Add a full dropper of CBD Isolate Droppers to the bowl and gently stir. This is a refreshing recipe that everyone will love!

CBD Jello Shots

Make your favorite jello shot recipe. Before putting into containers and chilling, put Astroid Gummies into the cup. In addition to enjoying your favorite adult beverage, you also get the added benefits of CBD!

CBD and Memorial Day are the Perfect Pair!

While you celebrate Memorial Day, also remember the veterans who continue to struggle by sharing CBD with them. On Memorial Day, you can also give your favorite recipes an antioxidant boost by adding CBD to them.

What recipe will you add CBD to this Memorial Day? Share with us in the comments!